December 2013 Advocate – PETF

Performance Evaluation Task Force: Next steps

When the work of the Performance Evaluation Task Force is complete, AFT will be holding a faculty ratification vote on the new evaluation documents and procedures. The vote will take place during the Spring 2014 semester.

    If the new documents and procedures are not completed before the end of this semester, then a subcommittee of AFT 1493 and the District Academic Senate will take up the work. It is ultimately the responsibility of AFT 1493 to ensure that faculty have a “fair and rigorous” evaluation tool.

    Once AFT and the District Academic Senate have reviewed the final drafts of all of the documents that the Task Force has created, AFT will prepare for the faculty vote by following procedures similar to those used for contract negotiations: Information and a rationale will be provided to faculty about the revisions to documents and procedures, and faculty input will be requested before holding the ratification vote.