Listen to SMCCD Counselors Arielle Smith, Lavinia Zanassi, Jacqueline Escobar, Sandra Mendez, and Jenna French speak about their working conditions

Listen to the following faculty members speak about the need to address excessive workload for faculty in SMCCD:

  • Deepak Tiwari (on the amount of extra time and work required to teach online classes)
  • Suji Venkataraman (how teaching 40 students in an online class is not pedagogically sound)
  • Jay Lehmann (how state-mandated requirements to help increase student success and reduce equity gaps have greatly increased faculty workload over the last decade or more)
  • David Meckler (doing the math to show the increasing number of hours required for faculty to do all that is required to teach their classes)
  • Kolo Wamba (on the challenges of teaching online while dealing with the inequities exacerbated by the global pandemic, civil unrest and the digital divide)
  • Hellen Zhang (on the struggles and excessive workload faculty face in trying to teach online under unprecedentedly difficult conditions)
  • Eric Brenner (how the AFT and Academic Senate have been raising the problems of increasingly excessive workload since at least 2013 and despite the district’s very healthy budgets, they have still not done anything to address the issue)

Listen to Academic Senate President Jeramy Wallace support the need to address counselors working conditions

Listen to Ronda Wimmer speak on concerns about returning to face-to-face teaching under Covid-19

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