FACT: In the coming year, SMCCCD administrators plan to double the size of our dual enrollment program, in which community college courses are taught to high school students at local high schools.

FACT: Dual enrollment courses place unique demands on instructors’ time, including alternating “A/B” class scheduling (week A, the class meets MWF, week B, it meets TTh). In addition, faculty teaching dual enrollment may be asked to communicate with parents, navigate high school administrative structures, attend on-site meetings, and teach classes outside of the District’s academic calendar.FACT: Most SMCCCD faculty do not hold high school teaching credentials and have chosen careers in post-secondary teaching.

FAIRNESS? Given the unique demands dual enrollment courses place on community college faculty, AFT has repeatedly proposed that dual enrollment teaching should be opt-in. The District’s negotiating team has consistently rejected this proposal by saying it is “management right” to assign instructors wherever administrators choose–including to local high schools.

EQUITY! Community college faculty deserve the right to teach their courses in a college setting unless they opt to work at a high school. And all students, at all levels, deserve to be taught by instructors who are fairly paid for their time.

The District must also respond to faculty’s calls to ensure dual enrollment students are adequately prepared to take college courses and to consider the potential long-term effects on our campuses’ enrollment and the college experience we offer. (Read a faculty perspective on these broader questions from Tim Maxwell, English faculty at CSM.)