Sept. 2018 Advocate: Workload Committee Report


Workload survey data to guide how much work is reasonable, how to distribute work equitably and how to fairly compensate faculty

By Anne Stafford and Doniella Maher, AFT Reps. to the District Workload Committee

On August 29th, the Workload Committee, a cross-campus team made up of three AFT representatives, three Senate representatives, and three Administration representatives, resumed its meetings. The committee surveyed faculty during the previous academic year (2017/2018) to determine the average non-teaching workload of the District’s full-time faculty. That data – currently being calculated by the Vice-Chancellor of Academic Services – will guide the committee’s recommendation to the District and AFT about what constitutes a “reasonable” workload, how to distribute the work faculty are expected to do more equitably, and how to fairly compensate full-time faculty whose workloads qualify as “unreasonable.” Any final determinations about these issues will be negotiated between the District and AFT 1493.

The committee has three more meetings scheduled before the end of October and hopes to make a recommendation to the District and AFT by the end of this semester.

Thank you to all who completed the surveys; the committee’s work would not be possible without your input.