San Mateo County Assessment Roll Tracker shows increase in SMCCCD’s annual property tax revenues

SMCCCD’s 2023-24 county property tax revenues are up 5.5% as of mid-May

As a “Basic Aid” or “Community-Supported” college district, the San Mateo County Community College District (SMCCCD) receives most of its revenues from local property taxes. As property tax revenues in San Mateo County increase, the college district’s share of those revenues increase.

The County Assessor’s Office’s Assessment Roll Tracker provides regularly updated data on how increases in county property values increase the revenues of cities, school districts and special districts and agencies.  As of May 16, the Tracker (see below) shows that SMCCCD’s revenues for 2023-24 (listed as “SM JR COLLEGE GEN PUR”) are up 5.51%. This amount will continue to increase until the annual numbers are set on July 1

How to read the San Mateo County Assessment Roll Tracker
To view the current amount of SMCCCD’s share of revenue increases from county property tax revenues, go to the San Mateo County Assessment Roll Tracker website
– From the login page, select “SM JR COLLEGE GEN PUR” from the “Agency” pull-down menu and click “Log In“;
– then click on “Land & Improvements”,
– then click on the “School” tab and page down to view the increased % of tax assessment  for “SM JR COLLEGE GEN PUR” in the 2022-23 percent increase column– labelled “Y2223PER“)