May 2023 Advocate: End-of-semester update on negotiations

Faculty contract negotiations

End-of-the-semester update on contract negotiations

by Monica Malamud, AFT 1493 President and Negotiations Team member

Due to the lack of progress in bargaining through the end of 2022, with the District and the AFT far apart on economic issues, and with most other matters “in the parking lot”, the District’s Chief Negotiator proposed, and union negotiators agreed, to bring in a mediator appointed by the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) to see if a neutral third-party could help us.

Over the spring semester we have been negotiating with the assistance of a mediator.  We met on February 7, March 2, March 16, April 6 and May 18. and we have a day-long negotiation session scheduled for June 16.

Rules of mediation require confidentiality

Unfortunately, because of the requirement that mediation remain confidential, we have not been able to provide our usual negotiation reports after each session. Although we are unable to disclose what goes on during confidential negotiations, your input is always welcome and your actions all help support the work that we do in mediation.

We will continue putting forth our best efforts to reach a tentative agreement that is fair for faculty, and we will communicate with all faculty when we do.  In the event that we do not reach an agreement through mediation, we will also let you know what the next steps will be.