May 2020 Advocate: Students’ perspectives on taking online courses


Students’ perspectives on taking online courses

One Skyline College faculty member recently asked her students how they were feeling about their experiences with the move to online learning.
Below are a few of the students’ comments:

“The motivation for a lot of students to go to learn is the social aspect, which is effectively gone as online classes are on the rise. A lot of students also don’t have a very safe space outside of school. Many kids will not be able to focus at home or anywhere else.” 

“The quality of online education cannot compare to an in-person lecture, as you are able to focus more, without all the distractions at home. Many professors are also continuing to assign the same amount of workload, which just adds to the pressure and stress of online education at home.”

“To me, I lose motivation when I’m not in the class room setting, so obviously it doesn’t help me at all in any way. Before entering college, people that I’ve known that were going to college advised me not to take online classes as they were boring and that you didn’t learn much because how lazy one can get. However, I am interested to see how schools will adapt to this on-going pandemic, not only in the classroom setting, but also curriculum.”