March-April 2018 Advocate: Workload Committee Report


Full-timers: Complete the Workload Survey

Adjuncts: Be sure you’re paid for non-teaching work

Full-time faculty should already have received the SMCCD Workload Survey (3/12) and friendly reminders about the importance of completing it. AFT also wants to stress the importance of collecting accurate and thorough data about faculty workload in order to make strides toward greater workload equity and a healthier work/life balance for all faculty.

Adjunct faculty should be paid for non-teaching work

An interesting byproduct of the Workload Committee was a January 29 email from Human Resources to all Deans, reminding them that, except in rare cases, adjunct faculty should be paid for any non-teaching work they do. This information may be news to some adjunct faculty. If adjunct faculty are doing work outside the scope of teaching their classes and holding office hours, they should speak to their Deans about being compensated, or speak to an AFT representative.