March 9, 2016

San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers, AFT 1493

Minutes of General Membership/Executive Committee Meeting

March 9, 2016  – College of San Mateo

EC members present: Eric Brenner, Victoria Clinton, Salumeh Eslamieh, Steven Friedricks, Katharine Harer, Dan Kaplan (Exec. Secr.), Michelle Kern, Teeka James, Doniella Maher, Monica Malamud, Sandi Raeber-Dorsett, Joaquin Rivera, Paul Rueckhaus, Janice Sapigao, Anne Stafford, Elizabeth Terzakis, Rob Williams.

Guests: Laura Kurre (CFT Training Director), Paul Bissember (CFT Organizer), Tony Samara (Program Director for Land Use and Housing at Urban Habitat)

Facilitator: Paul Rueckhaus

Meeting began at 2:37 p.m.


  1. Welcome and Introductions


  1. Statements from AFT (non EC) members on Non-Agenda Items


  1. Minutes of February 17, 2016 AFT meeting

Minutes approved unanimously.

  1. Negotiation Update – Joaquin Rivera

There are many issues that we need to discuss regarding negotiations, but since there is only a half hour on the agenda for this topic, Joaquin decided to seek input on two of the AFT’s proposals, and he went over the District’s proposal.

District proposal:

  • Eliminate flexibility for flex days for all faculty. PT would get paid at the special rate only for attending district-sponsored activities.
  • Drop PT from seniority list after only 2 semesters (currently 3-5 semesters)
  • Administrator’s right to teach courses
  • Eliminate reasons for denying transfer to another college
  • Additions to the list of Duties of faculty
  • Changes to faculty evaluation

Two of AFT’s proposals:

  1. The EC discussed the pros and cons of contract language guaranteeing an interview for PT seeking a FT position, if certain requirements are met (10 semesters at the district, satisfactory evaluations).
  2. The EC discussed the AFT proposal for Appendix D which lists non-teaching responsibilities into 3 tiers.

Chapter chairs were tasked with bringing up the District’s proposal regarding changes in the faculty evaluation process and the AFT’s proposed changes to Appendix D to the Academic Senate Governing Councils at each campus.

  1. Renters and Housing Justice – Tony Samara, Program Director for Land Use and Housing at Urban Habitat

There is an affordable housing crisis in the US. It affects many working people, including middle class people in San Mateo County. Tony is working on rent control initiatives to both limit rent increases to a certain percentage or linking the increase to CPI, and also require just cause for evictions, since they are both necessary in order to protect renters.

Tony will be forwarding language for a resolution to Dan. Dan will also try to have our District’s BOT pass a similar resolution. Katharine and Michelle would like to work on housing issues if they get the SCIO grant for the third year.

  1. Report back on Building Power conversations


Paul B and Monica tabled during flex day while Elizabeth and Doniella talked to faculty sitting around during the “flex fair”. Total: 20+ conversations, 13 Count Me In cards, 1 fee payer converted to union member. Elizabeth and Lezlee held a “Know your contract” session during flex day, which was well attended and productive. During flex, we also collected signatures for Prop 30 extension. Elizabeth also connected with CSEA reps. Vicky had 6 one-on-one conversations.

CSM and Skyline:

Efforts to connect with faculty at CSM and Skyline continued, with mixed results. Katharine and Paul R had productive conversations with faculty when they tabled during Flex at Skyline, but Stephen reported that faculty said that they had “no time to talk” (or worse). Teeka had three good organizing conversations at CSM. Some EC members at CSM and Skyline had no organizing conversations since the last EC meeting.

Next steps:

  • Paul distributed a new script for our one-on-one conversations, and also a petition for faculty to sign.
  • A next step may be a presentation to the BOT.
  • Petition signatures can be presented at the BOT meeting. The petition will also be available online. Signatures to the online petition can be used to decide who to contact in person next.
  • Sign up to have Paul B help you go around for one-on-one conversations.
  1. Building Power: Sharing values activity, 8. Practising the skills of organizing, 9. Framework for the exercise: Tabled due to lack of time.
  1. Resolution in Support of Proposition 30 Extension

Dan brought a resolution for consideration. The EC passed the resolution in support of the “Children’s Education and Health Care Protection Act of 2016”. This Act, if approved by the voters, would replace the current Prop 30 which was approved in 2012 and is set to expire. The current proposal is more progressive than Prop 30 was, since the temporary 25-cent sales tax increase would not continue, and only the top 2% of California earners would be affected; in effect, this is more similar to the “Millionaire’s Tax” that CFT had advocated for four years ago than to the current Prop 30.

  1. Strategic Campaign Initiative Organizing Project update – Katharine Harer, Michelle Kern

Katharine and Michelle updated the EC on the Plublic Education Conference scheduled for March 19.

  1. Release time issue – Rob Williams

Rob and Janice attended the Academic Senate Governing Council and Leigh Anne Shaw (secretary) asked that ASGC members get more release time. Perhaps this issue can be dealt with within our Building Power campaign. Discussion ensued about how this issue may be incorporated into the current AFT negotiation proposal.

  1. April 9 AFT party

Michelle will design an e-vite. In addition to EC members, all COPE members will be invited, as well as other faculty who have been identified as union-friendly and possibly more active in the union in the near future.

  1. Statements from EC members on Non-Agenda items


– There is an issue with English courses at Skyline

– How do adjuncts who teach online get paid for Flex? Based on how the class was loaded on Banner


-Nominations forms for AFT 1493 elections will be sent out soon

  1. Closed Session – CONFIDENTIAL

The EC discussed confidential personnel matters.

Meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m.