March 2021 Advocate: Discussing anti-Asian violence

Anti-racist organizing

We Are Not Your Model Minority:
Faculty, staff, and students co-organize a sharing space on anti-Asian violence

By Rika Yonemura, AFT 1493 Skyline Chapter Co-Rep

As people are taking to the street to protest against anti-Asian hate and violence across U.S. cities in response to the surging incidents that are victimizing people of Asian descent, our District has had very few venues for discussions on this racism that impacts the diverse Asian communities. Anti-Asian racism has long been a blind spot in our equity conversations. This void was keenly felt by some members of Skyline College, where 34% of the entire student population are Filipinx or Asian identifying. Skyline faculty, classified staff and students, with the support from the Intercultural Center of the College, are organizing an open forum, “Healing from Hate,” this Thursday, March 25 from 4-5pm to give our students, staff and faculty a chance to get together and discuss anti-Asian racism in this country, which has been cracked open by this pandemic, including the historical roots of gendered expressions of anti-Asian hate that was manifested in the shootings in Georgia.. The event welcomes all allies of Asian American communities, and it aims to create a space for listening, sharing, and making connections so that we do not have to stay buried in silence anymore.

Among the speakers at the event are Masao Suzuki , Skyline Economics professor, and Brandon Wong and Shannon Hoang, student organizers from AFT 1493’s Anti-Oppression Committee.

The registration link is below

For additional information on anti-Asian racism, see this resource guide put together by the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance, which provides a number of resources to support work against anti-Asian racism.

AFT 1493’s Anti-Oppression Committee works to use our union power to challenge various forms of racism, including anti-Asian hate and xenophobia. Members include SMCCD faculty, staff, and students. Please email Rika Yonemura-Fabian (, Doniella Maher (, or Marianne Kaletzky ( if you are interested in hearing more or in joining the Anti-Oppression Committee.