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July 31, 2013— U.S. Higher-Education System Perpetuates White Privilege, Report Says
 (Chronicle of Higher Education)

July 21, 2013— More community colleges facing accreditation problems (Los Angeles Times)

July 12, 2013— City College of San Francisco has a year to prove it can govern itself (San Francisco Chronicle)

July 11, 2013— Editorial: College monitors gone wild (Los Angeles Times)

July 10, 2013— City College supporters protest state takeover and the agenda behind it (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

July 9, 2013— Who killed City College? (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

July 9, 2013— AAUP Issues Statement on the Accreditation of City College of San Francisco (AAUP)

July 9, 2013— City College of San Francisco special trustee given broader powers in bid to keep accreditation (EdSource)

July 9, 2013— City College of S.F. trustees lose power (San Francisco Chronicle)

July 8, 2013— Appeal or Bust (Inside HigerEd)

July 7, 2013— Stunned by Accreditor, City College of San Francisco Suddenly Faces Hard Choices (Chronicle of Higher Education)

July 5, 2013— Commission Votes to End CCSF Accreditation (KQED Forum – radio discussion)

July 5, 2013— How to save City College (Tim’s San Francisco)

July 3, 2013— Commission votes to revoke City College of San Francisco accreditation (EdSource)

June 26, 2013— Union complaint in California has accreditors in the hot seat (AFT On Campus)

June 20, 2013— The community college payoff: New site reveals earnings of California graduates by program (San Jose Mercury News)

June 18, 2013— Candidate search hits a standstill: SMCCCD to hold special meetings this week for previously excused applicants (San Mateo Daily Journal)

June 10, 2013— ‘Hidden’ economy in Silicon Valley built without advanced degrees (San Jose Mercury News)

June 9, 2013— City College overseers bar most speakers from meeting (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

June 8, 2013— College accreditors bar many from meeting (San Francisco Chronicle)

June 6, 2013— CFT Seeks Federal Intervention in Battle With Accreditor (Chronicle of Higher Education)

June 3, 2013— Online college course experiment reveals hidden costs (San Jose Mercury News)

May 30, 2013— Twelve apply to join the San Mateo County Community College District Board (San Mateo Daily Journal)

May 28, 2013— Consequences of racial and economic stratification in community colleges (Inside Higher Ed)

May 28, 2013— Outsourced Lectures Raise Concerns About Academic Freedom (Chronicle of Higher Education)

May 22, 2013— 2-Year Colleges Are at Risk of ‘Separate and Unequal’ Future, Report Says (Chronicle of Higher Education)

May 21, 2013— An Open Letter to a Founder of Coursera (Chronicle of Higher Education)

May 20, 2013— Laptop U: Has the future of college moved online? (The New Yorker)

May 20, 2013— California oil tax push would direct new funds to schools (Sacramento Bee)

May 17, 2013— College Is Going Online, Whether We Like It Or Not (The Atlantic)

May 16, 2013— KCSM-TV deal means end of public television station (San Mateo County Times)

May 14, 2013— For California colleges, governor calls for tuition freezes and drops proposal for unit caps (San Jose Mercury News)

May 13, 2013— MOOCs and Community Colleges (Inside HigerEd)

May 10, 2013— OP-ED: Reject two-tier community college system (San Mateo Daily Journal)

May 7, 2013— High Schools Set Up Community-College Students to Fail, Report Says (Chronicle of Higher Education)

May 2, 2013— Why Professors at San Jose State Won’t Use a Harvard Professor’s MOOC (Chronicle of Higher Education)

May 1, 2013— Faculty vs. Accreditor (Inside HigerEd)

May 1, 2013— CCSF faculty unions files complaint (San Francisco Chronicle)

April 15, 2013— Lifetime limit on community college units rejected by California Legislature (Sacramento Bee)

April 9, 2013— Community colleges to offer Web data on their performance (Los Angeles Times)

April 6, 2013— Few finishing community college courses on time (Contra Costa Times)

April 5, 2013— California community college chancellor opposes differential tuition (Inside HigerEd)

April 4, 2013— New Test for Computers: Grading Essays at College Level (New York Times)

March 26, 2013— San Francisco City College fuels college accreditation controversy (EdSource)

March 26, 2013— San Mateo County Community College District elections vote on hold (San Mateo Daily Journal)

March 26, 2013— Budget cuts create unprecedented stress on community colleges (EdSource)

March, 2013— The Impact of Budget Cuts on California Community Colleges (Public Policy Institute of California)

March 25, 2013— Beware of the High Cost of ‘Free’ Online Courses (New York Times)

March 19, 2013— Corporate Education Reform Hits San Francisco Community College (Truthout)

March 19, 2013— Who Owns a MOOC? (Inside HigherEd)

March 19, 2013— San Mateo County Community College District Board moving toward district elections (San Mateo Daily Journal)

March 18, 2013— State’s community colleges spend millions on duplicative administrators (California Watch)

March 16, 2013— Better Colleges Failing to Lure Talented Poor (New York Times)

March 16, 2013— College, university faculty concerned over online plan (San Diego Union-Tribune)

March 12, 2013— California Bill Seeks Campus Credit for Online Study (New York Times)

March 5, 2013— CCSF regulators – sensible or ‘gone wild’? (San Francisco Chronicle)

March 5, 2013— The Professors’ Big Stage (New York Times)

March 2, 2013— Will online learning save us? (Oakland Tribune)

March 2, 2013— Community college shopping simplified (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 28, 2013— CCSF cuts protested as deadline nears (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 27, 2013— Study looks at K12 to community college transition in California (Inside HigherEd)

February 23, 2013— Digital learning has arrived for Bay Area students, teachers (Oakland Tribune)

February 22, 2013— Protesters Occupy City College of San Francisco (KQED News)

February 21, 2013— Online Courses Could Widen Achievement Gaps Among Students (Chronicle of Higher Education)

February 19, 2013— Online instruction destined to increase in California colleges (Sacramento Bee)

February 18, 2013— The Trouble With Online College (New York Times)

February 17, 2013— CCSF – looking for a villain (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 13, 2013— Scholars reject idea that college costs can’t be controlled (Inside HigherEd)

February 10, 2013— 
Should community colleges be paid only for students who complete courses? (Ventura County Star)

February 6, 2013— S.F. City College turnaround plan contested (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 5, 2013— Is City College’s main critic out of control? (San Francisco Bay Guardian)

January 29, 2013— Community colleges reject charge of excessive faculty power (EdSource)

January 27, 2013— Editorial: Pushing community college reform too far (Los Angeles Times)

January 24, 2013— CFT President’s statement in response to Governor Brown’s 2013 State of the State address (California Federation of Teachers)

January 20, 2013— Brown seeks to reshape California’s community colleges (Los Angeles Times)

January 15, 2013— California to Give Web Courses a Big Trial (New York Times)

January 14, 2013— Accountability, accreditation test community colleges (EdSource)

January 10, 2013— CFT leaders on Governor’s budget proposal (California Federation of Teachers)

January 10, 2013— Higher education and the California budget: Brown’s plan offers more money for colleges and universities (San Jose Mercury News)

January 8, 2013— CCSF to miss key deadline, overseer says (San Francisco Chronicle)

January 8, 2013— Judge sides with Hillsborough residents in College of San Mateo tree fight (San Mateo County Times)

December 27, 2012— CCSF making big changes to stay afloat (San Francisco Chronicle)


December 26, 2012— Reduce community college student loan debt using private sector funds (San Jose Mercury News)

December 18, 2012— Reeling CCSF announces layoffs, pay cuts (San Francisco Chronicle)

December 13, 2012— Academic senate influence challenged at community colleges (EdSource)

December 8, 2012— Sign Of The Times: Labor Strikes May Make Comeback (National Public Radio)

December 2, 2012— Accrediting agency under federal pressure to be tougher on community colleges (EdSource)

November 27, 2012— Wield the power of the supermajority (San Francisco Chronicle)

November 25, 2012— New California community colleges head is taking things slow (Los Angeles Times)

November 21, 2012— Solano College to recruit higher-paying international students (California Watch)

November 15, 2012— Financial Stress Affects Academics for College Students, Survey Finds (National Survey of Student Engagement)

November 12, 2012— Public invited to question Cañada College presidential candidates (The Almanac Online)

November 11, 2012— Young voters turned the tide for Brown’s Prop 30 (San Jose Mercury News)

November 3, 2012— Community colleges’ promise meets bitter reality (Los Angeles Times)

November 2, 2012— Labor mounts massive effort to get out vote and defeat Prop. 32 (Los Angeles Times)

October 26, 2012— City College dismantles faculty leadership (San Francisco Chronicle)

October 26, 2012— College district rejects television station bids (San Mateo Daily Journal)

October 19, 2012— California community colleges need Prop. 30 (San Francisco Chronicle)

October 16, 2012— More community college students commuting to multiple campuses (Los Angeles Times)

October 13, 2012— Prop. 30 inspires voter registration drives aimed at students (Los Angeles Times)

October 5, 2012— Hangover from bond orgy hits California (Sacramento Bee)

October 4, 2012— Higher learning slows to a crawl (Los Angeles Times)

September 27, 2012— California community colleges’ new chief (San Francisco Chronicle)

September 27, 2012— City College of San Francisco to unveil blueprint for survival (Los Angeles Times)

September 22, 2012— California’s community colleges staggering during hard times (Los Angeles Times)

September 20, 2012— City College near bankruptcy, audit says (San Francisco Chronicle)

September 19, 2012— Faculty voice key to CCSF’s future (San Francisco Chronicle)

September 16, 2012— “Wake up!” says retiring Community College Chancellor (EdSource)

September 12, 2012— CCSF risks bankruptcy, chancellor warns (San Francisco Chronicle)

September 11, 2012— Community colleges: No room for lingerers (San Francisco Chronicle)

September 10, 2012— Standing up to Rahm (

September 6, 2012— Can Do for Community Colleges (Inside Higher Ed)

September 4, 2012— California community colleges feeling the pinch of state budgets cuts (

September 1, 2012— California Legislature sends ‘sweeping’ pension reform to governor (San Jose Mercury News)

September 1, 2012— S.F. City College retiree pension error (San Francisco Chronicle)

August 31, 2012— Deceptive Prop. 32 would worsen campaign finance mess (San Jose Mercury News)

August 30, 2012— Budget cuts hit community colleges hard (San Francisco Chronicle)

August 28, 2012— Survey offers dire picture of California’s two-year colleges (Los Angeles Times)

August 27, 2012— Gov. Jerry Brown lines up unusual allies on his tax hike initiative (Los Angeles Times)

August 16, 2012—Newspaper falls victim to numbers (San Mateo Daily Journal)

August 15, 2012—Community colleges across California face accreditation sanctions (Sacramento Bee)

August 14, 2012—California’s Prop. 32 would be Citizens United on steroids (The Hill)

August 7, 2012—City College cuts seen as inevitable (San Francisco Chronicle)

August 2, 2012—Report questions efficacy and fairness of college placement tests (EdSource)

July 31, 2012— The City College mission(SF Bay Guardian)

July 30, 2012— False Promises at For-Profit Colleges(New York Times)

July 19, 2012—Three Strikes in California (Inside Higher Ed)

July 17, 2012—Here’s How Students of Color Fit Into Higher Ed’s Shifting Ecosystem (ColorLines)

July 13, 2012—The Test-Score Myth (The Huffington Post)

July 12, 2012—Colleges sharpen focus on students seeking degrees (San Mateo Daily Journal)

July 9, 2012—State’s community colleges rethink enrollment priorities (California Watch)

July 7, 2012—City College vows to resist closure, takeover (San Francisco Chronicle)

July 6, 2012— City College of San Francisco in Jeopardy? (Forum – KQED Radio) (audio)

July 4, 2012— City College of San Francisco on brink of closure (San Francisco Chronicle)

July 4, 2012— Cañada College Named State’s Top 25 Community Colleges (Redwood City Patch)

July 3, 2012— Community College: An Economic Engine (Huffington Post)

June 27, 2012— UC president seeks to increase community college transfers (Los Angeles Times)

June 13, 2012— State’s college tuition rising fastest in nation (San Francisco Chronicle)

June 12, 2012— University of California now caters to the rich and foreign (San Jose Mercury News)

June 12, 2012— Worry grows over possible adult school cuts (San Mateo Daily Journal)

June 12, 2012— Expanding the role of community colleges in adult school programs (EdSource Extra)

June 7, 2012— More college graduates needed to boost California economy, report finds (Los Angeles Times)

June 1, 2012— S.F. City College can’t afford all its campuses (San Francisco Chronicle)

May 31, 2012— U.S. College Students Should Take to Streets Over Debts (California Progress Report)

May 31, 2012— Senate Bill 1550 proposes pilot program that charges higher fees to help offset community college cuts (UCLA Daily Bruin)

May 30, 2012— The Washington Post, PBS and the Koch-Funded American Enterprise Institute Attack Community Colleges (Truthout)

May 28, 2012—Jerry Brown’s Terrorizing Tactic (CounterPunch)

May 28, 2012—College summer school in California largely a thing of the past (Los Angeles Times)

May 26, 2012—California’s numbed community colleges prepare for still more budget cuts (Sacramento Bee)

May 18, 2012—College Students Prepare to Unionize (Santa Monica Patch)

May 16, 2012—Lawsuit takes aim at California’s legal protections for teachers (Los Angeles Times)

May 15, 2012—Research Brief: Education Budget: May Revision 2012-13 (California Federation of Teachers)

May 15, 2012—Gov. Jerry Brown says voters face ‘day of reckoning’ to avoid budget pain (San Jose Mercury News)

May 14, 2012— Scrutinize Wasteful Corporate Tax Breaks Before Cutting Vital Services (California Labor Federation)

May 11, 2012— Jerry Brown submits tax-hike petitions (San Francisco Chronicle)

May 7, 2012— Funding California’s Future: ‘Millionaire’s Tax’ Nostalgia, Jerry Brown and the Compromise (OB Rag)

May 7, 2012— California community colleges look to save money by banning repeat classes (Sacramento Bee)

May 2, 2012— California’s truly loopy tax loophole (Los Angeles Times)

April 19, 2012— The Future of California’s Community Colleges (KQED Radio – Forum) (audio)

April 18, 2012— KCSM-TV Yet to Be Sold (San Mateo Patch)

April 18, 2012— Santa Monica College 2-tier course pricing illegal (San Jose Mercury News)

April 18, 2012— CSU Faculty Return to Negotiations, Ready to Strike (New America Media)

April 10, 2012— No love for Gov’s comm. college plans: Performance- based funding knocked at hearing (Thoughts on Public Education)

April 10, 2012— California teachers pension faces $65-billion shortfall (Los Angeles Times)

April 7, 2012— Students hoping for CSU transfer now seek plan B (San Mateo Daily Journal)

April 5, 2012— The Tuition Controversy Behind Santa Monica’s Pepper Spraying (Time)

April 2, 2012— New faculty group takes on workforce focus at community colleges (Inside Higher Ed)

March 28, 2012— Colleges eye district elections (San Mateo Daily Journal)

March 27, 2012— Tax Initiative Compromise A Victory for Grassroots and California’s Future (California Progress Report)

March 25, 2012— Community colleges chief decries budget cuts’ toll on students (Los Angeles Times)

March 21, 2012— Community colleges hurt by CSU freeze (Thoughts on Public Education)

March 16, 2012— Santa Monica College’s two-tier trap (Los Angeles Times)

March 14, 2012— Gov. Brown, millionaires-tax backers join forces (San Francisco Chronicle)

March 12, 2012— The war on teachers: Why the public is watching it happen (Washington Post)

February 22, 2012— Community colleges may get new budget cut (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 21, 2012— A very rough road for community college students (Los Angeles Times)

February 15, 2012— Boost sought for students of color (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 12, 2012— Brown’s Bond Bookkeeping Plan Would Cut Billions From California Schools (Bloomberg)

February 9, 2012— Legislative analyst cites flaws in education plan (San Francisco Chronicle)

February 6, 2012— Dan Walters: Community colleges face change in California (Sacramento Bee)

February 6, 2012— Making the first moves to bring California back (Capitol Weekly)

February 1, 2012— Occupiers Jolt Cañada Students to Action (Redwood City Patch)

January 31, 2012— AFSCME, Others Endorse Millionaire’s Tax (Beyond Chron)

January 29, 2012— California community colleges prepare to ration their offerings (Sacramento Bee)

January 25, 2012— Editorial: Avoiding appearance of wrongdoing (The Almanac)

January 24, 2012— State-of-the-art rec center controversial amongst San Mateo College students and staff (Video) (Peninsula Press)

January 11, 2012— California Teachers Take On Jerry Brown: The Working Class Begins to Fight Back (Counterpunch)