February 2018 Advocate: Workload Equity Committee


District Workload Equity Committee to distribute new survey on non-teaching workload

by Anne Stafford, AFT Rep. to District Workload Committee

Faculty may recall being asked by their Deans at the beginning of the fall (2017) semester for information about the number of hours you devote – on average – to work not directly related to your teaching. That information is needed to assist the Workload Committee in determining the total non-teaching workload of full-time faculty and to ultimately make a recommendation to the District and AFT 1493 negotiating teams about what constitutes a reasonable workload, how to compensate faculty for work above and beyond what is determined to be reasonable, and how to distribute the work more equitably.

The Committee appreciates the time you put into providing your information. Unfortunately, because the requests for information were not consistent across divisions, we are requesting the information a second time, this time using a new tool. The Committee is currently working hard to get the survey right and plans to distribute it by March.

By no means is the irony of having to spend time serving on a workload committee, or taking time to fill out a detailed survey about workload, lost on anybody, but without complete and accurate information we cannot make good recommendations.
Feel free to contact any of your faculty representatives on the committee if you have questions: