E-News: AFT & District Reach Tentative Contract Agreement


Dear Colleagues,

I have exciting news: Your AFT negotiating team and the District have reached a Tentative Agreement on a new faculty contract that includes salary increases for all faculty!

All of the details of the new contract agreement, including new language that ensures more equitable flex day compensation for part-time faculty, will be published in the September Advocate, but here are the highlights:

1. The Tentative Agreement covers three years, July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2016, and will come to all faculty for a ratification vote in the next week. Please watch your email for forthcoming specifics.

2. The Tentative Agreement provides a salary increase of 3.25% for this year (2013-14), and it guarantees a minimum increase of 2% for each of the next two years (2014-15 and 2015-16). Since the San Mateo Community College District is now a Basic Aid District, the agreement includes an additional clause that would trigger larger raises for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 contract years. If assessed property values in San Mateo County increase by more than 3% a year, 60% of the increase above 3% would be added to the minimum 2.0% increase. For example, if property values in San Mateo County increase by 5% for the year ending July 2014, then 60% of 2% (the amount above 3%), i.e. 1.2%, would be added to the 2% minimum increase for a total increase of 3.2% for 2014-15. We were also able to negotiate an additional 1% for Step 11 on the part-time salary schedule.

3. The Tentative Agreement will also increase the amount of the medical cap the District pays towards faculty health benefits starting in January 2014 when most of the plans will increase their rates. The new monthly caps paid by the District will be $704 for single, $1,026.34 for 2-party, and $1,333.74 for family. Increases in the medical cap for the next two years will be renegotiated each year. The medical reimbursement for part-time faculty will be increased by $100 per semester.

Given that most community college districts around the state that have negotiated a new contract this year have typically been getting around 1% plus the state COLA of 1.57%, we are proud that our negotiating team was able to work collaboratively with the District to come up with a well-rounded and fair overall agreement.

Please watch your email for the specifics regarding the ratification vote. And if you have any questions about the Tentative Agreement, please contact Dan Kaplan in the AFT office (kaplan@aft1493.org or x6649) or Joaquin Rivera (rivera@aft1493.org or x4159).

Best regards,

Teeka James
President, AFT Local 1493
San Mateo Community College Federation of Teachers

Professor of English
College of San Mateo | Building 15-144
(650) 574-6390 | james@smccd.edu