For a District that prides itself on fairness and equity, SMCCCD is doing a terrible job of applying either of these principles to its faculty workers! Consider this: even though we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, the District won’t guarantee quality, affordable healthcare to all employees and our families!

As if forcing full-timers to pay hundreds of dollars a month to cover partners and kids isn’t bad enough, District negotiators have yet to even respond to AFT’s proposals for providing part-timers working at least 40% in SMCCCD the same coverage enjoyed by full-timers, and expanding premium reimbursement for those working at least 40% between multiple community college districts.

Show the District that we care about this issue because we care about our students and we care about each other!

Wear your red AFT shirt every Wednesday until we win the contract we deserve! Please text pictures of you and your colleagues wearing your shirts (on campus, on Zoom, in meetings, wherever!) to Marianne at 650.416.6339.

District proposal AFT proposal
FT medical benefits – District contributions
  • Single: $914/month
  • 2-party: $1588
  • Family: $2026
  • With these amounts and current Kaiser rates, faculty would have to pay $239 per month to cover one dependent, and $350 to cover 2 or more
  • Single: $914/month
  • 2-party: $1827
  • Family: $2376
  • These amounts make all Kaiser plans free; District contributions increase as Kaiser rates increase
FT dental benefits
  • NO proposal on increasing dental benefit coverage
  • Increase coverage limit for dental PPO plan
PT benefits
  • NO proposal on PT benefits
  • FT plans available to PT working at least 40% in SMCCCD, with same District contributions as FT, including dental and vision plans
  • Expanded reimbursement for PT working 40% in multiple districts


PS:   Want to think more broadly about how our community colleges can move beyond the inequities of our current two-tier system that disadvantages adjuncts–and beyond a two-tier system altogether? Join this virtual event sponsored by the Faculty Association of California Community Colleges to learn more about how other institutions, including Vancouver Community College, have successfully moved to a one-tier system:

FACCC Policy Forum—The Two-Tier System: Strategizing for Change

February 3, 2023, 2pm to 4:30pm

Visit this link to register.