December 2020 Advocate: Kathleen Feinblum was advocating for part-timers’ rights 20 years ago

Twenty years ago Kathleen Feinblum was advocating for part-timers’ rights, including part-time pay equity, a goal we are still pushing for today

Kathleen Feinblum (see Kathleen’s remembrance) was a long-time part-time faculty activist and wrote a column in The Advocate, called “The Part-Timer Voice” over twenty years ago, during the 1999-2000 semester. Looking back on her columns (see below), the issues she was advocating for then are still being fought for today– from part-timer pay equity, to job security, to adequate health benefits. Part-time faculty were actually successful in getting our Board of Trustees to pass a resolution (shown below) in support of “equal pay for equal work” for part-timers on April 12, 2000! Unfortunately, we are still fighting to make that a reality. We’re hoping that we’ll see a major step towards finally achieving that goal in the new contract that our negotiators are moving towards settling.

Below are excerpts of three of Kathleen Feinblum’s “Part-Timer Voice” columns from 2000. Click on any excerpt to read full copy.










Below is the front page from the November 2001 Advocate highlighting the statewide fight at the time for part-timers’ pay equity. Click on the image to read full size copy.











Below is a copy of the “Resolution in Support of Equal Pay for Equal Work for Part-Time Faculty that was passed by the SMCCD Board of Trustees in April 2000. Click on the image to read full size copy.