December 2020 Advocate: In memoriam: Kathleen de Azevedo Feinblum


We lost a really good one

On Saturday, September 26th, we lost Kathleen de Azevedo Feinblum to pancreatic cancer.

Kathleen, English professor at Skyline College since 1995, was a fighter to the core. Her ethics and moral code were unbreakable.  She taught social justice issues in her classroom, spent long hours helping her students, and cared deeply about the state of the world. Kathleen served as the Secretary for our local, AFT 1493, from 2004 through 2006, she was a long-time committed member and always came through when we asked for help with union campaigns. She would smile one of her huge Kathleen smiles, nod her head vigorously, and say, “Sure, I’ll help!” We are very sad to lose her beautiful spirit, her friendship, and her fierce belief in a better world.

— Katharine Harer, AFT 1493 Vice President, English, Skyline

[Kathleen Feinblum was advocating for part-timers’ rights 20 years ago]

The following are some of the responses we received from colleagues across the district when AFT announced Kathleen Feinblum’s death in September. Kathleen’s full obituary can be read here.

I’m so sad. I’ve known Kathleen from the early 1990s, coached her during her interview process, and we taught in a learning community together. She was my sushi buddy, and we enjoyed a glass of red wine before our food treks to different ethnic eateries in the city. She is gone way too soon.
-Rosie Bell, History, Skyline 

I am so very saddened by this news.  It seems it was just yesterday when I saw her at a Curriculum Committee meeting. I’ve worked with her on committees and have always had the highest respect and honor for her as a colleague and as a friend. Such a dear person.  She will truly be missed.
– Steve Aurilio, Administration of Justice, Skyline

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to our friend, colleague, and union sister, Kathleen.
– Nina Floro, English, Skyline

This is such a heavy loss.
-Nancy Kaplan-Biegel, Journalism/English, Skyline

I worked with Kathleen when Paralegal first began. You are exactly right about her “beautiful spirit, her friendship, and her fierce belief in a better world.” I will miss her.
-Barbara Corzonkoff, Business, Skyline

Kathleen and I served on committees over the years and since our offices were close, we spoke almost every day. I have missed talking to her since we left the campus in March and sad that our conversations are finished for now.
-Linda Whitten, Accounting, Skyline

My heart aches as I remember talking with her in her office about running. We often shared stories of running up Sweeney Ridge and all the other wonderful trails around and near Skyline College, as well as the hills in our neighborhoods. I’ll always remember how humble she was about her fantastic running pace. My next run will be on Sweeney Ridge in honor of Kathleen.
– Virginia Medrano Rosales, Counseling, Skyline

“Saudades!” The best Portuguese word to convey it – longing indefinitely
– Luciana Castro, Foreign Languages, Skyline

I am heartbroken. It was an absolute pleasure to know her and work with her.
-Bianca Rowden-Quince, ASLT, Skyline

She was a good person and a long-time colleague.
-Michael Hoffman, Math, Cañada

We did a Reading Apprenticeship program together a few years ago. We took BART together to get to the Oakland training site and had some good conversation on the way to and back from the training.
-Tania Beliz, Biology/Health Science, CSM

I loved working with her when I was at Skyline.
-Salumeh Eslamieh, English, Cañada