April 2016 Advocate: Vote in AFT 1493 elections


Be sure to vote for new AFT leaders by May 6

As members of AFT Local 1493 should know, we are in the middle of the election process for determining the next elected leadership of the Local, and who will be on the AFT 1493 Executive Committee for 2016-2018. This election is being conducted using the tried-and-true paper balloting method. Ballots will be sent out through campus mail on April 15. Only AFT 1493 members are eligible to cast a ballot in this election.

Ballots should be returned via campus mail, and should reach the AFT Office at CSM by Friday, May 6.

Please contact Dan Kaplan at the AFT 1493 office (kaplan@aft1493.org or x6491) if you have any questions.