April 2014 Advocate – Adjuncts can still get flex pay


Part-time faculty can still get paid for flex activities

Part-time faculty have had questions about whether and how they can get compensated for professional development work they do for their Flex activity. If you were not able to attend any on-campus Flex activities on this semester’s three flex days, you can still complete a professional development activity and be paid provided that you complete the activity before the end of the semester and fill out the flex reporting form. 

Here’s how it works: Article 7.11.2 of our contract states that “part-time faculty members shall participate in flex activities as part of their basic assignments if the flex day falls on a scheduled workday.” The flex reporting form, found on the District Academic Senate’s website, says that:

“Post-retirement and hourly faculty who are scheduled to teach during the day on scheduled Flex Days may report Flex activities up to the total number of hours normally worked on that day(s) in order to receive compensation.  Those Flex activities may be conducted at any time during the year between June 1, 2013, and May 31, 2014, outside of regularly scheduled workdays.  Additional hours will not be compensated.  In addition to the reporting form, hourly faculty must submit a time sheet to their Division Dean in order to receive pay. Flex days for post retirement and hourly faculty MUST be reported during the semester in which they were observed but NO later than December 15th for Fall semester and June 15 for Spring Semester.”

The flex reporting form is available at: http://www.smccd.edu/accounts/smccd/committees/academicsenate/flexform.php 

If you have questions, please call the AFT 1493 office at x6491 or email: kaplan@aft1493.org.