AFT 1493’s Recommendations to Skyline’s Health, Safety & Emergency Procedures Committee

AFT 1493’s Recommendations to Skyline’s HSEPC

Dec 2, 2021

We propose that the following recommendations for enhanced health and safety practices and strategies be brought to the District Safety Committee for consideration:

Per Board Policy 2.90, Chancellor provides an administrative procedures document, similar to that of Foothill College or College of Marin, that includes: a definition of each in-person campus program, service and activity (in-person indoor class, indoor sporting game, indoor theater performance, etc.); definitions of each type of visitor to campus (guest, contractor, volunteer, student, employee, etc.); and corresponding details of which health and safety rules and practices are applicable to each (matrix).

For examples, see Reference Document 1: Administrative Procedures, Board Policies & Health Screening Systems at Bay Area community College districts and Reference Document 2: District Administrative Procedures Matrix.

  1. Require that face masks continue to be worn indoors by all people present on campus, regardless of their vaccination status OR any orders rescinded by San Mateo County or the state of California orders, through the conclusion end of the Spring 2022 semester.
  2. Provide enhanced reporting of positive Covid cases and transmissions on a publicly available online dashboard system that’s updated as soon as positive cases are known and include location(s) of room(s) or indoor spaces where those exposure(s) took place.
  3. Reduce Occupancy levels for classrooms and other indoor meeting spaces be reduced by 25% to prevent overcrowding and allow for social distancing.  Allow that Employees may proactively encourage social distancing in those spaces at their discretion.
  4. Provide additional SMCCCD campus signage including questions about symptoms (“do you feel sick”?) and information about where to obtain masks during evening and weekend hours.
  5. Create a District-wide health screener/pass system, consistent with other regional CCCs, for use by all types of visitors to our campuses. The system should ensure that employees have access in real time to information about the vaccination status of visitors. Examples of screening processes employed by Regional CCCs is provided by Reference Document 2.
  6. Provide up-to-date information about ventilation and filtration features operational in each indoor room or area where people work or gather on each SMCCD campus.
  7. Provide HEPA filtration devices for use in classrooms, windowless spaces, and spaces where employees meet with students, to any employee who has requested such and within 3-5 business days of their request. Employees may request and receive devices directly through Facilities without a dean or manager’s advance permission.

Reference Documents:

Administrative Procedures, Board Policies & Health Screening Systems at Bay Area Community College Districts

Foothill/De Anza District See FAQs; self-screener including FAQs for what to do if you don’t pass; information for visitors; also see Administrative Procedures with definitions: (Adopted June 30, revised Aug 2, 2021).

Peralta District–jFTW8xr3upMgH4HT5eCf5WKWVdgAfsxHERJc7JGnVG_TnSCsQeV8Qp0yGwpJVJFwQ7SbBL9XBc2D56j86Eay7Bb6qFw (basic self screener)

College of Marin (Note: Marin County has lowest COVID rates in region and highest vaccination rates) Self screener with Vax status, health screening, employees, guests and reporting of where you intend to be on campus

Symptoms Screener link:

Board Policy similar SMCCD but includes volunteers:$file/BP%203507%20COVID-19%20Vaccination%20Requirements%20(NEW)%208-4-2021.pdf

Administrative Procedures with definitions: (Adopted Oct. 12, 2021)

CCSF – working on, but not up, clearer communication on website that they are working with Google to use the Ready Education app


Administrative Procedure (Passed and last modified September 23, 2021). 

Evergreen Valley College 

Check in process – Requires vaccines for visitors and guests staying more than 15 minutes

Diablo Valley/Contra Costa District

Detailed screener for students, staff, faculty, and visitors and vendors

Screener required starting January 2022 (Vaccinations required for guests)