April 2014 Advocate – Adjunct pay rates ranked statewide


CFT releases statewide study ranking adjunct pay rates; SMCCCD is between 12th & 20th

The California Federation of Teachers has released a statewide study of part-time faculty pay that for the first time ranks compensation for adjunct instructors in all 72 California community college districts.

Designed as a tool for contract negotiations and salary schedule comparisons, the study includes the comparative rank of each district on the basis of hourly pay for part-time and full-time faculty, while excluding the pay that full-timers receive for office hours, governance and committee meetings.

The study converts salaries to hourly rates and compares them, excluding office hour pay, at four levels:

  • Master’s degree – Step 1
  • Master’s degree – Fifth year or ninth semester
  • Highest salary (including longevity) without a doctorate
  • Highest salary (including longevity) with a doctorate

The study found that salaries varied dramatically throughout the state. The San Mateo Community College District ranked:

  • 20th statewide for Master’s degree – Step 1;
  • 12th statewide for Master’s degree – Fifth year or ninth semester
  • 16th statewide for Highest salary without a doctorate
  • 17th statewide for with a doctorate

The study also includes district-specific information such as the number of steps and columns on the part-timer salary schedule and if there are paid office hours, but it does not include information about district-paid medical benefits for adjunct faculty.

The AFT Local 1493 negotiating committee will be using the data from this study to point out the need to improve salaries and benefits for part-timers in our district in the next round of negotiations.

Click here to see the full study on the AFT 1493 website (listed under “Other District Salaries” on the “Contracts and Salaries” pull-down menu)