Yearly Archives: 2009

October 2009

The Advocate – 33.1 – October 2009 (2 MB)

In this issue:

  • AFT opens contract negotiations with District: COLA and parity needed in tough economic times
  • Key goal for negotiations: binding arbitration
  • President’s Letter: What are reasonable goals for faculty in an economic crisis?
  • AFT to hold budget forums at all three colleges
  • No Trust Committee; no revising of faculty evaluation procedures

May 2009

The Advocate – 32.6 – May 2009 (2 MB)

In this issue:

  • Board overrules arbitrator’s decision! – breaks 25-year promise and exposes essential need for binding arbitration
  • Who cares about binding arbitration? – Why the Board’s decision impacts all faculty
  • President’s Letter: Working on better AFT-faculty communications
  • Fighting words at 2009 CFT Convention
  • Finding a “lesson” at the CFT Convention
  • Many valuable ways the Union and Academic Senate collaborate
  • Results of the AFT 1493 Communication Survey: Faculty give thumbs up to The Advocate and E-News, say AFT 1493 website needs work
  • CFT opposes all May 19 election propositions except 1B
  • Faculty input needed for new contract negotiations

March-April 2009

The Advocate – 32.5 – March-April 2009 (1.3 MB)

In this issue:

  • Arbitrator reinstates probationary faculty member with back pay
  • The committee to revise the faculty evaluation process has still not been OK’ed by the District
  • Compressed Calendar Task Force update
  • President’s Letter: Comparing rights of faculty in California with the rest of the nation
  • Flex days, flex time: faculty’s rights and responsibilities
  • Cal-PASS: High school, college and university faculty share issues in common disciplines
  • Conference focuses on how to defend public workers and social services amidst the economic crisis in California
  • Trustee responds to Advocate letter on administrators’ pay

February 2009

The Advocate – 32.4 – February 2009 (755 KB)

In this issue:

  • Faculty rights to free political speech must be protected
  • Retirement incentives not as popular among faculty as for administrators & classified staff
  • Come out!
  • How will reductions in full-time faculty affect the rest of us?
  • Lezlee Ware is new Cañada College Chapter Co-Chair
  • CFT and state Academic Senate oppose requiring the use of SLOs in faculty evaluations

December 2009

The Advocate – 33.3 – December 2009 (2.2 MB)

In this issue:

  • Community college faculty and students begin organizing against cuts
  • District offers zero, wants to roll back faculty rights
  • Administrators’ pay rose 11 – 16% in last two years, faculty lag far behind
  • Resource Allocation Model appears to favor District Office
  • CSM community organizes vigil to “save education”
  • Skyline “Concerned Faculty” challenge budget cut strategy
  • Part Time Faculty Group joins AFT

November 2009

The Advocate – 33.2 – November 2009 (1.2 MB)

In this issue:

  • President’s Letter: Budget situation is worse than a Halloween horror movie
  • Is there a better way to reduce the budget? – Consider structural reorganization & centralization
  • District part-time faculty group proposes new social contract
  • Know your rights in evaluation procedures
  • Letter: Community colleges’ transfer function needs support
  • A part-timer’s view on the state budget and our colleges
  • Retirees’ group planning two end-of-year events
  • We need to fight for California’s future